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Alex Desbruslais

Anpario, UK

The use of natural oregano essential oil to mitigate disease and increase the efficiency of commercial turkey production

Arnau Vidal


Preliminary results of mycotoxin biomarkers

Björn Sake

Univ Veterinary Medicine Hannover

Air filtration in naturally ventilated turkey houses as a transitional solution in months at risk of AI

Bram Visser

Hendrix Genetics, the Netherlands

Innovations in Turkey Breeding: The Strength of a Multi-Species Approach

Daniel Diephaus

Moorgut Kartzfehn Turkey Breeder GmbH, Germany

Adaption of infrared beak treatment to genetic progress of commercial turkeys

Emmanuel Amprou

Techna, France

The effect of slaughter age and body weight on turkey processing yields.

Felipe Bugueno

Hybrid Turkeys, France

Optimizing Genetic Potential Through Management

Hugo Camacho

Aviagen Turkeys, UK

Turkey production in South America

Ian Brown and Andy Patterson


Future perspectives for improved threat reduction to turkey industry from HPAI - 2

Irene Eising

DSM Firmenich, the Netherlands

Muramidase improves gut functionality resulting in improved growth performance, feed efficiency, breast meat.

John Menges

Life Science Innovations, USA

Warm weather ventilation strategies 

John Ralph

Aviagen Turkeys, UK

Achievements in breeding for turkey welfare and future challenges?

Jennifer Roux

Cargill Provimi, France

Connecting the microbiome to turkey performnce in commercial conditions


Univ Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Germany

Can distraction prevent pecking events? Results from beak trimmed and beak intact turkey hen flocks on four commercial farms in Germany“.

Mike Bedford and Markus Rodehutscord

AB Vista (UK) and Univ Hohenheim (Germany)

Comparison of phytase efficacy in broilers and turkeys – is the broiler a relevant model

Maria Erasmus

Univ Purdue, USA

Environmental enrichment: providing behavioral opportunities to enhance turkey health and welfare. I can make adjustments if needed, just let me know

Michael Hess

Univ Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Austria

Vaccination of turkeys against blackhead diseases: science fiction or science becomes reality

Nadia Khaldoune

Avec, Belgium

The EU legislation on Turkeys: EFSA mandate, challenges and opportunities

Paulina Bukowska - Rzezak

Kemin, Poland

Role of probiotics in managing turkey health

Reg Smith

Alltech UK

Farming the microbiome to deliver returns

Richard Bailey

Aviagen, UK

Unravelling the intestinal microbiota within the turkey selection environment

Simona Gheorghithoiu

Petersime, Belgium

Turkey embryo comfort during incubation.

Vasil Pergozliev

Harper Adams Univ, UK

Metabolisable energy of rapeseed meal for turkeys

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