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Santiago Avendano

Aviagen UK

Biotechnology in Turkey Production

Sylvain Briere

Hendrix Genetics, France

Innovations in turkey Research and Development

Greg Choulerton

sponsored by Aviagen Turkeys

Public perception of  Turkey Meat

Albert Davleyev

Agrifood Strategies, Russia

Update on the turkey market in Russia

Francicso Dias

Delacon, Austria

Phytogenics feed additives to improve gut health in turkey

David Diez Aras

Biovet, Spain

Pronutrients (botanical molecules) improve the status of the digestive tract and prevent parasitosis in turkeys.

Claire Godener

Chêne Vert Conseil

Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale (ORT) autovaccination programme in turkey breeding 

Marcus Kenny

Aviagen Turkeys

Physical Presentation of Turkey Feed

Mike Kogut


Turkey Rearing Practices and Turkey Gut Health and Mucosal Immunity?

David Laurin

RCA Nutrition Canada sponsored by Hybrid Turkeys

The role of nutrition for optimal gut health’

Leonardo Linares

Zinpro, USA

Updates in Turkey Mineral Nutrition

Christian Woltering and Werner Mecklenberg

Big Dutchman, Germany

Making use of modern smartphone and professional digital cloud data collection methods to optimise turkey management’

Hartmut Meyer

Moorgut Kartzfehn, Germany

The dilemma of optimising welfare outcomes and minimizing interventions for beak management in turkeys in Germany

Raj Murugesan 

Biomin, USA

Key to bridge the gap between challenge and performance in ABF production- gut microbiome

Greg Page

Nutreco, Canada

A mechanistic model approach to Turkey feed program cost optimization

Vasil Pirgozliev

Harper Adams University, Uk

Effect of graded levels of supplementary phytase in diets with and without rapeseed meal on energy utilisation, nutrient availability and phytate degradation in young turkeys

Isabelle Pouget

Techna, France

Which strategy for calcium and phosphorus supply for turkeys from 0 to 70 days ? Impacts on physiology and performances?

Karen Schwean-Lardner

Univ Saskatchewan, canada

Turkey transportation: Impact of temperature/humidity and duration on bird welfare

Doug Smith

Diamond V, USA

Benefits of modulating turkeys’ immune system beyond disease prevention!

Monita Vereecken

Huvepharma, Belgium

An updated vision on coccidiosis control in turkeys

Dr. Andy Wales

Univ of Surrey, UK

Farm management and antibiotic resistance

Alexandra Wealleans

Kemin, UK

Antibiotic Reduction through Nutrition

Ewelina Wójcik

Proteonpharma, Poland

Feed additive bacteriophages as a strategy towards improving turkey health

Turkey Science and Production Conference

The leading meeting point for the European Turkey Industry